Thursday, April 24, 2014

Important Announcement

Dear Friends,

With immediate effect, Pets Cottage will be imposing a 30% non-refundable deposit for confirmation of all our services.

We seek your understanding in the above matter.

Thank you for your kind support and cooperation.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Long Delayed Post

Dear Friends,

I must began this post by apologizing for the disappearance.

Things have been pretty hectic here at Pets Cottage. However, I've managed to round up a vid for the Dec 2013 furkids. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Pets Cottage Kiss Mas 2013

Please do note that although I haven't been writing any post, our calender is updated as and when there are confirmed boardings. Rest assured that I'm on top on things.

Oh and by the way, I've already gotten some confirmed boardings in Dec this year. So for all yall looking out to have holidays in Dec, try to reserve your boarding with us sooner. I'd hate to disappoint any paw-rants ya.

I really miss updating here, most pics have been updated to Facebook, you can view them here. Man, really need to update my Hall of Fame too, there have been so many new boarders, it is only fair to put them up on the hall. okok I will get my act together.

Love YALL !!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Important Announcement

Dear Friends,
Due to
regulatory requirements, all dogs looking to board at Pets Cottage will require valid dog's license.

We seek your understanding in the above matter since the matter is really out of our hands.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.

Friday, April 12, 2013

We Are MOVING !!!

This is an important announcement.

Pets Cottage will be moving from current premises to the Eastern side of Singapore (finally!) MOVED!

For those furparents who've had quotation from us for House Visits. Your rates will not change, we will absorb the increase due to the distance.

There will be no changes in rates for both Home Boarding, Day Care and Home Stay.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Promotions for Day Care

Up and coming promotion for Day Care at Pets Cottage.

Baths and basic grooming will be done for furkids coming in for Day Care during the months of March, April, May, July, August, September and October.

This is really for working mums who really need that extra bit of help to bath their dogs when they are not quite feeling up to it.

For available slots and rates, please visit or email us at for more details.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Brothers from the Land of the Raising Sun

The journey to Pets Cottage starts.
Getting to know each other. Ang Moh and Jap... erm international relations?
Scotch and Prudence doing the dance.
Falcon checks out the kitchen. This dude is so smart. Within the hour he found the place to pee.
Check out who was here before them.
Falson:"Are we going out now?"
Falcon camwhoring.
Like what Pauline said. Doesn't Scotch look like someone we know? Erm Cody. Only Scotch has a heavier coat, cos this was supposed to be winter and THAT is his winter coat.
And by the way, these two, don't understand English. Only Japanese.
Falcon loves the pebble flooring..
But Cody and Scotch sits very very differently.
And Scotch is way taller than Cody. Check THAT out!
Standing at attention. So
Scotch *bowing*  S *bow back*
Bow and sit neatly.
Then come right at the camera to take a better pic.
Falcon preparing to jump. See the tail? For someone so short he sure know how to jump high.
Falcon:"Are coming over to sit with me? Watch TV together?"
Scotch:"You watch later tell me what happened. I think someone is in the kitchen with apples."
The brothers eat together, sleep together, walk together. Stay together.
The dazed look when Falcon just woke up.
I really like their bowls. Heavy yet compact, stainless steel.
In Pets Cottage, during meal times. Everyone takes turns. But was the dinner good? YEA! It was goooood.
At first, both these two have no idea how to walk on a leash. I swear they were trying to tear me apart. Both trying to drag me in different directions at the same time. By the third day, see these two? Both walking in sync with me. I could even hold both leash in one hand to take pics and vids.
Falcon:"Can we walk longer?"  S:"Sure we can... I'm up for it."
After a looong walk, both brothers are all shacked out and zzz is the only thing on their mind.
Scotch:"I go first this time?"
He maybe small. But Falcon sure moves fast when it comes to food as well.
Scotch thinking about sneaking up on Falcon's seat.
The two eyeing the couch together. See who will jump up first.
Flirting with others during their walks.
I love LOVE it when they walk in sync like that.
Looking out for traffic together.
After two hours worth of walk. Scotch sits to wait for traffic lights... lol.
Such an adorable face, so handsome.
Posing for S. Wanted a good pic to send to their Mummy.
Falcon:"When you finish the pics, do you reckon we could have some more of that nice crunchy apples?"
They were so thirsty after walks that they normally share the bowl. One on top and the other takes the bottom.
On the way home to Mummy. One on the lap, the other on the floor. I'll miss them.
Scotch:"Know what we'll miss you too..." By the way, they came not knowing English, they left understanding all the words I put out to them. "Sit", "No", "Stop"& "Wait". So darn smart.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Elusive Koda Darling

Such a dear to walk Koda. No only she walks perfect, she even signals when she wants to poop. Mummy taught her well.
Koda:"Eh? What's that?"
Bad hair day after being woken up by S for an hour worth of walking.
Koda:"Heh heh heh... it's so fun to walk. I want MORE!"
Like previously shared, when S had a bit too much to eat. Like Christmas and her birthday, the walk becomes one and a half hour.
S:"Wah sooooo cute, Koda peeing!"  Koda:"....." *silently promising that she will tell on S to Mummy for this invasion of privacy*
Koda:"Can I eat later?"  S:"Well up to you, I wouldn't wait too long, so you don't as well ok?!"
Koda:"Heh heh heh no dog will resist meals for too long. You've been PUNKED!"
Check out the eyes. LOL.
Koda:"Can you send this to Mummy."  S:"Sure! You pose, don't move ya!"
Can't wait to care for you again Koda. You are such a doll.